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Contents of one of the trunkcsTraveling Trunk Program and Presentations

Contents of trunks make history live

The Manitou Bluffs Mid-Missouri Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Heritage Trail Foundation received two Challenge Cost Share grants to create four educational trunks.  The mission of the traveling trunk program is to educate and promote interest in Missouri’s role during the Member uses trunk contents to teach students about L & C.Lewis and Clark Expedition by providing hands-on materials and artifacts.  Schools and other organizations are invited to use the trunks to enhance curriculum/learning. 

The trunks contain items that Lewis and Clark might have found or used during their journey with emphasis on Missouri food, plants and animals. Relations with Indian nations are highlighted. Included in each trunk are a curriculum guide and a book of activities for use with the items in the trunk.  Children and books from trunkadults can learn more about this important period in American history by seeing and touching artifacts.  Books, articles and brochures offer more information about the area and the expedition.

There are four trunks available to schools and organizations at no cost.  The chapter’s checkout system allows schools to use a trunk for a period of two weeks.  The trunks are delivered and picked up by members of the chapter.  Some of the members are available, upon request, to do programs attired in period dress in conjunction with the use of the trunks.  During the period from 2004 to 2008 chapter members gave trunk contentspresentations in 150 schools and to numerous organizations reaching an estimated 50,000 people.

Chapter members continue to provide presentations for schools, organizations and special events.  To schedule a presentation or to reserve one of the trunks, please contact Mary Duncan or Mary Riddle.

For more information read the following articles about the Trunk Program: Historians Complete Traveling Trunks, Putting the Trunks Together, Lewis and Clark Trek, Lewis & Clark Artifacts Shown to Fourth Graders, Trunks filled with Treasures, Las Vegas, and Pilot Grove Students Vicariously Relive L & C Exploration.

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